New 'Baha'i World' volume published

April 18, 2007
Video: The dust cover of the new "Baha'i World," available from Baha'i distribution outlets in Australia, the U.K., and the U.S.

HAIFA, Israel — A new volume of "The Baha'i World" is now available, offering three new essays, a profile of an outstanding development project, and a wealth of information about the Baha'i Faith today.

The book is the latest in a series of annual volumes that survey activities of the Baha'i community during the previous year.

"It covers events throughout the world, digests major communications and statements from Baha'i institutions, provides up-to-date facts, figures and information, and showcases some of the exciting advances in the field of social and economic development," said Robert Weinberg, senior editor of the publication.

The 288-page book contains three new essays, one of which questions whether Western liberal democracy can be a model for a future world order. Another focuses on climate change and its ethical challenges, while a third explores the concept of identity and how our own identity influences our attachments and loyalties.

The new publication also includes: (1) a profile of Baha'i-inspired development programs in Cambodia; (2) a directory of major Baha'i websites; (3) an update on the situation of Baha'is in Iran and Egypt; (4) a description of new translations of Baha'u'llah's writings found in "The Tabernacle of Unity," as well as a list of new books in English; (5) obituaries; (6) basic Baha'i reading list and glossary.

"I am particularly excited by the report on Cambodia," Mr. Weinberg said, referring to a chapter about grassroots tutorials and health and agricultural programs in that country.

"The project really opened my mind up to the idea of civilization-building," he said. "Within the program are the seeds to raise up a new generation of people. You can see that the Baha'i community is creating a whole new way of living that is touching thousands of people."

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This year's "Baha'i World" includes photos and quotes at the beginning of each chapter.

The book is ideal for presentation to libraries and organizations, and for communities to keep as a historical record for their own reference, Mr. Weinberg said.

"It presents the Baha'i community and teachings in a way that is very relevant to the world and the current issues in society," he said.

"The Baha'i World" can be ordered from the Baha'i Distribution Service in the United States and Australia and from Baha'i Books UK in the United Kingdom.