Egypt's Court postpones hearing

June 22, 2006
Map of Egypt

CAIRO, Egypt — Egypt's Supreme Administrative Court has postponed until 16 September its hearing on a government appeal of a ruling in favor of a Baha'i couple. The couple has been seeking not to have their religion incorrectly identified on government documents.

A lower administrative court ruled in favor of the couple in April this year, and the case has since gained international attention from human rights groups. The court ordered the government to issue members of the Baha'i Faith with identification cards, birth certificates and death certificates that accurately identify their religion.

Without such documents, Baha'is are unable to gain legal access to basic citizenship rights, including employment, education, medical and financial services.

The government appealed the lower court's ruling in early May, and a court hearing was set for 19 June. However, the Court commissioner's advisory report was not submitted in time for the hearing, resulting in the delay.

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