Latest “Bahá’í World” essays delve into economic justice, racial unity, community building

September 17, 2020

BAHÁ’Í WORLD CENTRE — Earlier today, The Bahá’í World website published three new articles on themes highly relevant to the well-being and progress of humanity.

The essay “Community and Collective Action” describes the hopeful efforts of groups of people around the world to build a new kind of community based on the oneness of humankind and explores the vision and process guiding these efforts.

Overcoming the long-standing plague of racial injustice is the subject of the article “Spatial Strategies for Racial Unity,” which inquires into the nature and approaches of Bahá’í educational programs and community building efforts which seek, in the context of neighborhoods and villages, to raise capacity for service to humanity.

The growing disparities around the globe between the wealthiest and poorest members of society is the subject of the article “Is Economic Justice Possible?” The article surveys the world’s current economic condition and explores the implications of Bahá’í principles on the enormous challenge of building an economic system that is just, benefiting all of humanity.

The Bahá’í World website makes available a selection of thoughtful essays and long-form articles on a range of subjects of interest to the wider public, conveying advancements in Bahá’í thought and action and reflecting the Faith’s purpose in the world.

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