Youth arise to serve as conferences draw to a close

October 2, 2013
San Salvador, El Salvador

BAHA'I WORLD CENTRE — Since early July, tens of thousands of young people from communities spanning the entire globe have responded to the call of the Universal House of Justice to participate in a series of 114 youth conferences that have been held in scores of localities, on every continent. Whether travelling to conference venues by crowded buses in densely populated cities, or walking for days from remote villages, or spending over a week in ships on open sea voyages, these youth have gathered and earnestly discussed how they may contribute to the betterment of society and ultimately the world.

The vibrant spirit and focused determination which have permeated each gathering, together with the insights that were gleaned during the highly participative sessions, have enhanced the capacity of the youth to respond with wisdom, courage, and humility in addressing the ills currently facing society. The goal of these conferences has been to provide additional impetus to the community-building endeavours spearheaded by Baha'is throughout the world. The response of the youth has been remarkable - they have wholeheartedly embraced this goal, now extending their conversations beyond the conferences, and implementing the plans formulated together, to effect the material and spiritual transformation of their own neighbourhoods and villages.

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Patna, India

As the conclusion of these gatherings draws nearer, the impact on the participants is already becoming visible as can be seen in the highlights of the conferences in the short video clips now featured on the official website. The page includes insights shared by one of the participants about the vision of civilization building at the heart of this undertaking.