UN General Assembly resolution calls for Iranian government to stop persecuting Bahá’ís.

BIC New York: UN resolution renews call to end Iran’s persecution of Bahá’ís

December 20, 2023

NEW YORK — The latest and 36th United Nations General Assembly resolution expressing serious concern over a broad range of human rights violations including the situation of Bahá’ís in Iran and other religious minorities, calling on the Iranian government to “eliminate” all forms of religious discrimination and persecution, passed yesterday at a plenary session of the UN’s General Assembly.

The resolution, which had already been endorsed by the Third Committee of the General Assembly last month, was adopted yesterday by 78 votes in favor, with 30 against and 68 abstentions.

The resolution “expresses serious concern” over a litany of human rights violations in Iran—including the denial of the freedom of religion or belief. Bahá’ís “in particular” are subject to “undue restrictions on burials carried out in accordance with religious tenets, attacks against places … burial and other human rights violations,” which include “increased harassment, intimidation, persecution, arbitrary arrest and detention” and incitement to hatred through official and unofficial media that may “lead to violence.”

Iran’s government is also urged to “end ongoing systemic impunity for those who commit crimes against persons belonging to recognized and unrecognized religious minorities” while addressing constitutional arrangements, laws and practices entrenching the denial of education and employment for Bahá’ís, the closure of independent businesses and shops, the confiscation of properties, and other rights violations.