Global campaign on anniversary of arrest of Iranian Baha'i leaders

May 14, 2016
Logo for the Baha'i International Community's campaign to mark the eighth anniversary of the arrest and incarceration of the seven former Baha'i leaders in Iran

NEW YORK, United States — The Baha'i International Community has marked the 8th year anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of the seven former Baha'i leaders in Iran with a global campaign to call for their immediate release.

The campaign theme "Enough! Release the Baha'i Seven" calls to attention the plight of these seven individuals, and, beyond them, the plight of Iran's Baha'is who have faced relentless and systematic persecution orchestrated by the Iranian regime.

More background about the campaign can be found at a special section of the website of the Baha'i International Community at The hashtag for the campaign is: #ReleaseBahai7Now.