On the eve of the World Cup, the Universal House of Justice responds to Brazilian President's invitation

June 12, 2014

SAO PAULO, Brazil — In response to an invitation by the President of Brazil, Dilma Rousseff, the Universal House of Justice has released a message to the people of that country and beyond for the occasion of the 20th World Cup, which begins today.

President Rousseff had written to the Universal House of Justice inviting it to provide a statement regarding the promotion of world peace and harmony among the peoples of the world. She further expressed her certainty that the message would contribute to the advancement of universal human values. Leaders of other religions have also been asked to send messages. The President's letter referred to the Brazilian government's desire to use the occasion of the World Cup to further the cause of peace and combat all forms of racial discrimination.

Dated 6 June 2014, the message of the Universal House of Justice can be found here.