Persecution faced by Bahá’ís in Semnan has included arson attacks and graffiti carrying death threats.

The Bahá’ís of Semnan - A Case Study in Religious Hatred

Types of Persecution

This section exposes the wide range of attacks that have been directed toward the Semnan Baha’i community in recent years.

Arson and Vandalism

Arson and related forms of vandalism have been used with increasing frequency against Iranian Baha’is – and Semnan is no exception.

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School Children

Disturbing reports of efforts by Iranian authorities to harass and abuse Baha’i schoolchildren in classrooms have emerged – a trend that perhaps more than any other shows the depths to which the current regime will go to eradicate the Baha’i Faith in Iran.

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Economic Attacks

Initiatives to deprive Baha’is of income or livelihood have increased – and the manner and method of this campaign is clearly visible in Semnan.

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Raids, arrests and imprisonments

Government agents pouring out of unmarked cars at dawn and raiding homes has become an all too common occurrence for Iranian Baha’is.

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Religious Freedom

Those few official documents that have surfaced in Semnan – such as the court decisions against those Baha’is who have been arrested – plainly show that the only “crime” Baha’is stand accused of is their belief in and practice of their religion.

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