In Conversation: Podcast explores dynamic relationships between worship and service

April 25, 2024

In Conversation: Podcast explores dynamic relations between worship and service

Podcast explores two fundamental aspects of a spiritual life, worship and service, bringing together guests to share experiences from a few several countries.

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BAHÁ’Í WORLD CENTRE — This podcast episode from the Bahá’í World News Service explores how worship and service to humanity—two foundational aspects of living a spiritual life—mutually reinforce one another, paving the way to building more peaceful and harmonious communities.

Guests of the podcast were among the participants of a recent consultation held at the Bahá’í World Centre that explored how Bahá’í Houses of Worship stand as beacons of hope, welcoming people from all backgrounds to contemplate how they can serve the needs of their fellow citizens.

Sarah Creedy, a guest from Australia, spoke about the power of prayer, noting that it is a “means of purifying our lives, our hearts, and our motives.” She added that as we turn our attention to our spiritual nature, we find within ourselves an innate longing to serve and help others, and the qualities of generosity and love naturally flow from our hearts.

“We don’t see service as this separate thing that we do. Service defines everything that we do. It gives shape and purpose to all the things we engage in,” said Mrs. Creedy.

Nathalie Ngo Nyem from Cameroon described how in some communities in Cameroon, a growing devotional spirit has brought about a profound collective transformation. She said that when the whole village comes together to pray, “you may have more than 600 people attending.

“You can imagine that in such a community when there are challenges... it’s no longer like you are alone... you have the community with you and together can now consult.”