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Baha'i Media Bank online
27 November 15

The Baha'i Media Bank, which was originally launched in 2006, has been made available again. The site provides access to a large collection of Baha'i images, including photographs of the Baha'i community, historical figures, and holy places, for use in publications, websites, and media presentations. The site will be updated with new additions. The Baha'i Media Bank can be found at

UN condemns Iran for continuing human rights violations
20 November 15

UNITED NATIONS — The UN expressed "serious concern" yesterday over Iran's continuing human rights violations, affirming that increased engagement with the international community on some fronts does not mean that Iran is no longer expected to uphold international standards for its people

Baha'is face new wave of arrests in Iran
19 November 15

The Baha'i community in Iran is facing yet another wave of arrests and shop closures. In a coordinated attack on the community by Iranian authorities on Sunday 15 November, twenty Baha'is were arrested in three cities after their homes were raided and searched. The arrests occurred in the cities of Tehran, Isfahan and Mashhad. The confirmed names are as follows: 6 in Tehran Mr. Sahba Farnoush Ms. Negar Bagheri Ms. Nava Monjazeb Mr. Yavar Haghighat Mr. Navid Aghdasi Ms

Europeans voice concern about the economic oppression of Iranian Baha'is
17 November 15

BRUSSELS — Prominent Europeans, including members of parliament, are calling on Iran to end its economic repression of Baha'is. Among the most prominent of such expressions was one that came from the European Parliament Intergroup on Freedom of Religion or Belief and Religious Tolerance, urging the "Iranian authorities to end the continuous and systematic economic oppression of the members of the Baha'i Faith in Iran"

First groundbreaking for a local House of Worship
BATTAMBANG, Cambodia, 15 November 15

Saturday 14 November witnessed the first groundbreaking for a local Baha'i House of Worship. Some two hundred community members from the region of Battambang in Cambodia gathered to celebrate the momentous occasion, beginning with prayers at dawn. The event coincided with the commemoration of the Twin Holy Birthdays—the Birth of the Bab and the Birth of Baha'u'llah.

Role of religion explored at Council of Europe Exchange
08 November 15

SARAJEVO — Religion is a powerful source of human motivation and society should gain a deeper understanding of how to benefit from its influence, the Baha'i International Community (BIC) has said at a major Council of Europe meeting. Political and religious leaders as well as civil society representatives and academics attended the Council of Europe Exchange on the religious dimension of intercultural dialogue in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on 2-3 November

'Embodied Light' exhibition features Chile House of Worship
05 November 15

TORONTO — The construction of South America's first Baha'i House of Worship has been at the center of an exhibition in Canada this week. Titled ‘Embodied Light: The Bahá’í Temple of South America’, the exhibition features photos and material samples of the temple in Santiago and a lecture by the temple’s architect, Siamak Hariri

Norway royals host interfaith dialogue
29 October 15

OSLO — Members of Norway's Baha'i community attended a special gathering hosted by the King and Queen of Norway. Up to 90 representatives from diverse religious organizations were invited to the royal palace in Oslo earlier this month as part of efforts to promote greater inter-ethnic and inter-religious dialogue and understanding. In his opening remarks, King Harald of Norway expressed his desire to contribute to the unity of the country, whose population is diversifying rapidly

Malaysians find common ground in noble aspirations
25 October 15

KUALA LUMPUR — Up to 18 faith-based and youth organizations gathered earlier this month, together with a member of the Malaysian Parliament, for a conference on the critical role of youth in the development of Malaysian society. Organized by the Baha'i community of Malaysia, the event hosted over a hundred representatives for a series of plenary talks and roundtable discussions on the subject

Mass migration heightens awareness of humanity's 'organic unity'
23 October 15

THE HAGUE — The mass movement of refugees across Europe is heightening consciousness of the 'organic unity of humanity', the Baha'i International Community has said at a major conference on refugees and exiles

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