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Temple construction reaches new milestone
AGUA AZUL, Colombia, 23 February 17

Plans for the construction of the local Baha'i House of Worship in Agua Azul, a village in Norte del Cauca, Colombia, have recently reached an important milestone. Construction officially began in January, after building contracts were formalized with a local firm in the region.

Baha'is of Iran website launches
15 February 17

Following the wave of national Baha'i websites that have launched in recent years, the site of the Baha'i community of Iran went online earlier today. The website, which can be accessed at, covers a range of topics and presents the history, activities, and aspirations of the Baha'i community in Iran

Seeing capacity for meaningful contribution in all populations
UNITED NATIONS, 12 February 17

It is vital for aid agencies to see the populations they work with as protagonists of their own advancement. This message formed part of the opening address of a representative of the Baha'i International Community at a recent conference on social development at the United Nations

Champion of women’s emancipation celebrated
BAKU, Azerbaijan, 03 February 17

The story of Tahirih, a Bahá’í heroine born of Azeri roots, has long been a symbol of inspiration in the country of Azerbaijan. She was one of the pre-eminent champions of the equality of women and men in the nineteenth century. On 25 January, Azerbaijan’s National Museum of History held a celebration of women’s education in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries where Tahirih’s dedication and contributions to the advancement of women were recognized.

Fred Schechter, 1927-2017
HAIFA, Israel, 29 January 17

Fred Schechter, former Counsellor member of the International Teaching Centre, passed away on 27 January 2017 in California, U.S.A. He was 89 years old. The Universal House of Justice sent the following message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on 29 January. *  *  * We feel great sorrow as we mourn the passing of humble, loving, steadfast servant of the Cause of God, Fred Schechter.

New publication of Baha'u'llah's Writings released
HAIFA, Israel, 18 January 17

A new volume of Baha'i sacred texts, Days of Remembrance: Selections from the Writings of Baha'u'llah for Baha'i Holy Days, is being released today, making available to the world a selection of newly translated Writings of Baha'u'llah. Days of Remembrance offers forty-five selections revealed specifically for, or relating to, the nine holy days annually commemorated by the Baha'i community.

Suspicious killing of Baha'i in Iran
NEW YORK, 11 January 17

The Baha'i International Community has learned about the killing of a Baha'i in Iran, under suspicious circumstances. A report received on 9 January indicated that Ahmad Fanaian was found dead, having sustained severe burns to his body. Mr. Fanaian was an elderly and respected man from Semnan Province. This killing comes at a time of ongoing, systematic oppression of Baha’is in Semnan Province, which has been the focus of extensive anti-Baha'i activity

Film on education and love inspires audiences around the world
LILONGWE, Malawi, 06 January 17

A movie about a brother and sister in a rural village in the heart of Africa is demonstrating the power of film to contribute to constructive social change and stimulate meaningful conversations. Mercy's Blessing, written and directed by May Taherzadeh, is a moving and profound exploration of the connection between love and sacrifice in the midst of social injustice. It has received widespread acclaim and, since 2015, has already won ten international film awards.

Embracing oneness means rethinking prosperity and development
LUXEMBOURG, 30 December 16

Unity Foundation, an organization started by a small group of Baha'is 25 years ago and inspired by the teachings of the Faith, has been one of several Baha'i-inspired agencies that assist social and economic development organizations around the world to access essential funding. The challenge before it is how to facilitate the flow of funds from one part of the world to another while preserving and strengthening a local community's ownership and capacity to direct its own path of development

Leaders in Pakistan highlight urgent need for harmony of religion
LAHORE, Pakistan, 25 December 16

The Baha'i International Community (BIC) has emphasized the need for a deeper understanding of human oneness in fostering peaceful coexistence between different religions. Speaking at an event organized by the government of Pakistan to promote interfaith harmony—the International Seerat Conference in Lahore—BIC representative Chong Ming Hwee stated "In the human body, cooperation ensures the functioning of that system...

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