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Design of Colombian House of Worship unveiled
16 September 14

NORTE DEL CAUCA — The design for the local Baha'i House of Worship in the Norte del Cauca region of Colombia was unveiled Sunday at a meeting held at the site designated for its construction. A small team from the Colombian architectural firm, CUNA, presented the approved plans before an audience of 500 people from the region and further afield

New report on Iran's failed promises on human rights
15 September 14

Iran has completely failed to live up to a series of promises it made regarding its treatment of Iranian Baha'is four years ago, says the Baha'i International Community in a new report. Titled "Unfulfilled Promises", and launched today at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva, the report discusses 34 specific pledges made by Iran in February 2010 at the UN Human Rights Council that in some way could address human rights violations faced by members of Iran's Baha'i community

In Malaysia, music and prayers reflect hopes for greater harmony
12 September 14

SUBANG JAYA — Hundreds of Malaysians joined with dignitaries from government, religious communities, and other organizations at a unique musical prayer gathering aimed at improving racial and religious harmony in their country. Seven hundred people attended the Merdeka Unity Devotional on Sunday 31 August, organized by the Malaysian Baha'i community in response to their government's call for widespread prayer meetings to mark Independence Day

A closer look at religious coexistence through recent events
08 September 14

When a member of Iran's ecclesiastical class gifted a calligraphic presentation of the words of Baha'u'llah to the Baha'is of the world in April 2014, the act was unprecedented and stood in sharp contrast against a backdrop of 170 years of uninterrupted religious persecution

Three top UN human rights experts call for a halt to Shiraz cemetery destruction
04 September 14

Three high-level United Nations human rights experts today called on Iran to halt the ongoing destruction of a historic Baha’i cemetery in Shiraz, Iran, saying the action is an “unacceptable” violation of freedom of religion

Increase in arrests highlights continuing persecution of Baha'is in Iran
19 August 14

The arrest last week of five Baha'is in Tehran signals a rising tide of detainments and imprisonments of Baha'is in Iran in recent months. Since June, at least 14 Baha'is have been arrested, a trend that exemplifies a pattern of systematic persecution of Iranian Baha'is by the government, this despite its claims to uphold international standards of human rights

Religious representatives in Netherlands respond to Iranian cleric's call for coexistence
07 August 14

THE HAGUE — Fourteen representatives of faith organizations gathered here on 2 July to study the statement made by Ayatollah Abdol-Hamid Masoumi-Tehrani last April on religious coexistence in Iran

Shiraz cemetery destruction resumes
06 August 14

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has resumed its demolition of a historic Baha’i cemetery in Shiraz, Iran, after pausing for several months in the face of international pressure and the expression of outrage on the part of Iranians from all walks of life. Reports from Iran indicate that the Guard has now removed human remains from some 30 to 50 of the 950 graves of Baha'is in the cemetery, placing them in an open canal to make way for the construction of a new cultural and sports complex

In Luxembourg, President of Chamber of Deputies expresses appreciation for work of Baha'i community
LUXEMBOURG CITY, Luxembourg, 20 July 14

The President of Luxembourg's Chamber of Deputies has thanked the Baha'i community for its activities to build bridges between different elements of society. "For me the efforts carried out by the Baha'is can be summarized by the word 'cohesion,'" Mars Di Bartolomeo told some 100 guests gathered at a celebration of National Day, the official birthday of His Royal Highness Henri, Grand Duke of Luxembourg. "Unity in diversity is more than a slogan for the Baha'i community," said Mr.

Commemorations mark fiftieth anniversary of European Baha'i House of Worship
LANGENHAIN, Germany, 11 July 14

Prominent religious and political figures gathered here at the start of a program of festivities to mark the 50th anniversary of the first Baha'i House of Worship on the European continent. In the opening reception held at Germany's National Bahá'í Center on 3 July, the Minister of State and head of the Chancellery of the state of Hesse, Mr. Axel Wintermeyer, addressed an audience of some 130 people.

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