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Los Angeles marks Education is Not a Crime Day
03 March 15

LOS ANGELES — Over 1100 people gathered at the Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles on Friday, 27 February to honor those Baha'is who have been denied the right to higher education in Iran. "Education is Not a Crime – Live 2015" was a major event for the "Education is Not a Crime" campaign launched in November 2014 by Maziar Bahari, an Iranian-Canadian journalist and filmmaker who was himself imprisoned in Iran in 2009

Outstanding collection of Baha'i literature finds permanent home
15 February 15

SANDY, United Kingdom — An extensive library of Baha'i books and related literature has been opened to academic researchers, exactly 35 years to the day after the passing of the library's founder. When he died in London on 12 February 1980, the distinguished scholar, historian, and writer Hasan M

"Education is Not a Crime" gains momentum
08 February 15

LOS ANGELES — Education is Not a Crime, a worldwide campaign drawing attention to the constructive response of the Baha'i community to the Iranian government's systematic denial of university education to young Baha'is, is gaining momentum as it nears its global day of action, 27 February. The campaign's website highlights the breadth of efforts by authorities in Iran to persecute the Baha'is there, and it provides historical context

Archbishop Tutu condemns denial of education to Baha'is of Iran
01 February 15

CAPE TOWN — In a statement published on 30 January, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, the South African social rights activist and Nobel Peace Laureate added his voice to the chorus of condemnation of the denial of the right of Baha'is to higher education by the government of Iran. Posted on the Desmond and Leah Tutu Foundation website, the statement reads: "The Iranian government says that education is a crime for Baha'is

New international website of the Baha'i community launched
20 January 15

HAIFA — The website of the worldwide Baha'i community at has been launched in a new version, representing the latest stage in the development of an official presence on the Web that extends back to 1996. The site explores the beliefs and writings of the Baha'i Faith and presents the experience of those throughout the world who, inspired by the teachings of Baha'u'llah, are striving to contribute to the betterment of society

Baseless indictment of Yemeni Baha'i after 14 months of harsh imprisonment
16 January 15

NEW YORK — In a betrayal of justice, authorities in Yemen have indicted Hamed Kamal bin Haydara, a Yemeni national, of being a spy for Israel and converting Muslims to the Baha'i Faith. These charges come at the start of the second year of his imprisonment. Throughout this time, Mr. bin Haydara has been held without charge and has endured various forms of torture as well as intense psychological abuse. Mr

Panel explores migration, media, and misperception
04 January 15

LANGENHAIN — How does the media influence our sense of identity? How does it shape our perception of those different from us? How does it reinforce "otherness"? These questions animated a recent panel discussion on German media’s depiction of international migration in that society. Titled "Exclusion in Germany: Is Media Honoring its Responsibility?", the event was held on 7 December 2014 at the Baha'i National Centre outside Frankfurt to mark UN Human Rights Day

Two months in the morgue: One facet of campaign to make Iranian Baha’is invisible
29 December 14

GENEVA — The body of a Baha'i has been held in the morgue for nearly two months in the large, southern Iranian city of Ahvaz because local officials have refused to allow the man's burial. Shamel Bina passed away on 28 October but remains unburied, despite numerous appeals from his family and others, who have appealed to numerous officials from the governor general to the city's Friday prayer leader, to no avail

UN resolution voices global concern over human rights violations in Iran
18 December 14

UNITED NATIONS — Today the UN General Assembly strongly expressed its concerns over ongoing human rights violations in Iran. “Unfortunately, as today’s resolution demonstrates, Iranians do not enjoy even basic human rights, such as freedom of assembly or religious belief, and it is their own government that is the chief violator of their rights,” said Bani Dugal, the principal representative of the Baha'i International Community to the United Nations

On foothills of the Andes, light ascends and inspires
18 December 14

SANTIAGO — The most recent in a series of newsreels on the construction of the Baha’i House of Worship for South America has been released. Opening with time-lapse photography, the film provides a glimpse of the emerging beauty of the temple, which rests on the foothills of the Andes Mountains overlooking the city of Santiago

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