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Five decades of guidance foster a growing youth movement
30 June 16

This summer marks fifty years since the Universal House of Justice first addressed a letter specifically to Baha'i youth around the world. Written in June 1966, the letter emphasized the centrality of the role of youth in bringing about a better world. Over the decades since, generations of young people have dedicated themselves to community-building endeavors and the advancement of their societies

European conferences highlight need for inclusive societies
26 June 16

VIENNA — With the rise in refugees entering Europe, greater attention is being given to building inclusive societies. This was one of the themes at two events last week: the Fundamental Rights Forum, held in Vienna from 20 to 23 June titled "Rights, Respect, Reality: the Europe of Values in Today's World", and the Council of Europe Conference of International NGOs, held in Strasbourg from 20 to 24 June. The Baha'i International Community (BIC) Brussels Office was represented at both events

Cooperation central to fighting intolerance, says BIC
22 June 16

BRUSSELS — The urgent need to combat discrimination and hate crimes in Europe and the world at large calls for higher degrees of cooperation between civil society organizations, stated the Baha'i International Community (BIC) Brussels Office at a recent seminar, titled "Turning words into action to address anti-Semitism, intolerance and discrimination"

Baha'i community participates in first World Humanitarian Summit
26 May 16

ISTANBUL — With a rising tide of natural disasters and widespread civil unrest, the community of nations is realizing the critical need to work more closely to ensure effective responses to humanitarian crises. This realization led to the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, organized by the United Nations and held in Istanbul, Turkey, on 23 and 24 May 2016

Ground broken for the Colombia House of Worship
NORTE DEL CAUCA, Colombia, 25 May 16

Sunday marked the historic groundbreaking for the local Baha'i House of Worship for Norte del Cauca in Colombia. Some 700 people gathered on the temple land in the small village of Agua Azul, in the municipality of Villa Rica, including the Mayor, Mrs. Jenny Nair Gomez. Addressing the audience, Mrs. Nair Gomez explained how the House of Worship "resonates with the vision of spirituality that our forbears taught us".

Reaction to meeting with a Baha'i exposes the truth
19 May 16

NEW YORK — A storm of furious denunciation, in reaction to a simple meeting between two friends in a private home, has dramatically exposed the duplicity of the Iranian authorities who have repeatedly claimed that their treatment of Baha'i is not motivated by religious prejudice

Global campaign on anniversary of arrest of Iranian Baha'i leaders
14 May 16

NEW YORK — The Baha'i International Community has marked the 8th year anniversary of the unjust imprisonment of the seven former Baha'i leaders in Iran with a global campaign to call for their immediate release. The campaign theme "Enough! Release the Baha'i Seven" calls to attention the plight of these seven individuals, and, beyond them, the plight of Iran's Baha'is who have faced relentless and systematic persecution orchestrated by the Iranian regime

Communities elect national governing councils
05 May 16

Baha'i communities around the world have elected their national administrative bodies in a unique electoral process. Each year, during the Baha'i festival of Ridvan, delegates in virtually every country around the world gather together to elect the National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of their country, a nine-member council responsible for guiding, coordinating, and stimulating the activities of the Baha'is in its jurisdiction

"Woven by the Mercy of God": Conference highlights religion's role in social change
27 April 16

MADRID — A recent interfaith event, co-hosted by the Baha'i community of Spain, drew 200 participants to explore how religious communities can collectively work for the betterment of the world

Joy Stevenson, 1919-2016
25 April 16

HAIFA — Joy Stevenson, former Counsellor member of the International Teaching Centre, passed away today in Queanbeyan, Australia. She was 97 years old. The Universal House of Justice sent the following message to all National Spiritual Assemblies on 25 April

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