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Irish Baha'is hold conference on inclusive society
Kilkenny, Ireland, 24 August 15

One of the pressing questions in the Irish nation, as in many others across the world, is how to build a cohesive society where different groups can live together in harmony and integrate into the wider community. This was the theme of a conference organized by the external affairs office of the Baha'i community of Ireland on 3 August, titled "The New Irish as 'Us' — Identity and Integration in Modern Ireland".

Lunda Baha’is examine future of their society
MWINILUNGA, Zambia, 30 July 15

Hundreds of members of the Baha'i Faith from the Lunda population gathered in the Northwestern Province of Zambia on 24 July to celebrate their history and deliberate on their contribution to the development of their people. The conference brought together people of all ages in a discussion on how the teachings of the Baha'i Faith are being applied to the life of their society.

Dawn unveiling for Cambodian temple design
18 July 15

BATTAMBANG, Cambodia — As the sun rose over Battambang yesterday, the melodies of prayer filled the morning air, in a spirit of reverence, exultation, and thanksgiving. These dawn prayers began the event for the unveiling of the design of the first local Baha’i House of Worship for the people of this region of Cambodia, which has in recent years witnessed the emergence of a vibrant community life centered on worship of God and service to humanity

Baha'i family in Iran forced to give up body of a loved one for unlawful burial
17 July 15

The recent experience of a Baha'i family in Sanandaj, a town in the Kurdistan province of Iran, highlights the cruel absurdities practiced by the Iranian authorities towards some of its citizens, members of this faith community—the largest non-Muslim religion in the country. On 12 July 2015, a Baha'i, Mrs. Baji Muhammadifard passed away and her family sought a burial permit to inter her body in the Baha'i cemetery in Sanandaj

Theme of youth features at interreligious Congress
ASTANA, Kazakhstan, 13 July 15

For growing populations of youth across the planet to become constructive participants in the life of society and contributors to social progress, a fundamental shift in thinking is required about the role of religion in society. This was one of the main points made by the Baha'i International Community delegation to the 5th World Congress of the Leaders of World and Traditional Religions, held in Kazakhstan on 10-11 June.

Youth conference inspires hope and action in CAR
BANGUI, Central African Republic, 08 July 15

On the morning of 15 June, more than 400 young people from the Central African Republic (CAR) gathered with great anticipation for the opening session of a long-awaited youth conference. It was the last in a series of 114 that were held in selected cities around the world. This conference, like the 113 others, was originally planned for 2013. But in March of that year, Bangui, the capital city of CAR, was engulfed by waves of violence that swept across the country.

UN seminar highlights global citizenship education
25 June 15

On June 15, UN permanent missions from France, Korea, Nigeria, Qatar, and the United States co-organized a seminar titled "Global Citizenship Education for a Just, Peaceful, Inclusive and Sustainable World", held at UN Headquarters in New York City. The Baha'i International Community and UNESCO were among seven NGOs and UN organizations that co-sponsored the event

Baha'i shopkeepers in Iran pressured against observing their religious holy days
16 June 15

Tens of Baha'is' shops in the cities of Rafsanjan, Kerman, Sari and Hamadan have been sealed by government authorities in an effort to pressure Baha'is not to observe their religious holy days. These shops, mostly small businesses, offering services like household appliance repairs or the sales of automobile parts or clothing, were sealed in April and May when the owners closed their stores in observance of Baha'i holy days during those months

Global solidarity with seven imprisoned Iranian Baha'is
26 May 15

A global campaign to call attention to the long and unjust imprisonment of seven Iranian Baha'i leaders spawned a worldwide outcry this month on the seventh anniversary of their arrest. From simple village assembly halls to government chambers, individuals and groups raised their voices to denounce the unjust incarceration of the seven, along with the 110 other Baha'is currently jailed for their religious beliefs and other prisoners of conscience in Iran

Newsreel marks new developments in Chile
26 May 15

SANTIAGO — The eighth in a series of newsreels documenting the construction of the Baha'i House of Worship for South America has been released and can be viewed online in Spanish, English, and Portuguese at the official website. The title of the episode, "Connection with South America", highlights the impact that the erection of the House of Worship is having not only on surrounding communities in Chile but across the continent

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