“We are all Baha’is”—Spirit of solidarity grows to unprecedented levels

23 August 2016

Sana'a, YEMEN — An extraordinary wave of support by organizations and individuals has kindled hope in the hearts of the Baha'is of Yemen in the wake of recent arrests there. It has also revealed the degree to which the motivation of Baha'is to build unity has resonated with so many in that country and across the region. One statement of support opened with this dramatic assertion of solidarity: "We are all Baha'is".

On 10 August, armed, masked soldiers raided an educational gathering organized jointly by the Nida Foundation...

New website launched for Chile House of Worship

21 July 2016

SANTIAGO, Chile — A new website for the Baha'i House of Worship in Santiago, Chile, has recently been launched.

Songs to inspire social change

11 August 2016

CHONGON, Ecuador

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