Cultural Cleansing in Iran

“The Bahá’í Question: Cultural Cleansing in Iran” is the Bahá’í International Community’s main informational booklet about the persecution of Iran’s 300,000 member Bahá’í community.

First published in 1993, with updates in 1999 and 2005, the 2008 edition is offered here as a PDF.

It describes the current situation facing Bahá’ís in recent years, through mid-2008, placing the Islamic Republic’s systematic persecution of Bahá’ís in the context of the international human rights regime. It describes historical background and reasons for the persecution. And it outlines the efforts of the international community to bring the oppression of Iranian Bahá’ís to a halt, focusing on the response of the United Nations and its agencies, government, and human rights organizations.

It also offers extensive documentation, photographs, and statistics, as well as a complete list of every Bahá’í killed in Iran since 1979 and a list of every United Nations resolution on the topic.

For the most recent information on the situation facing Iranian Bahá’ís, go to: